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Vancouver Chapter


The volunteers of the Vancouver Chapter of HOPE worldwide of Canada has been involved in helping the people of our city for many years with a concentrated and persevering focus on three areas of need:

  1. The students, staff and families of Sir William MacDonald School in East Vancouver.
  2. Those who live on the streets and are reliant on shelters throughout the lower mainland, especially in the winter.
  3. The patients of B.C. Children’s Hospital and their families (in partnership with the Red Cross Family Support Program) especially around major holidays.
Our volunteers are diverse and thus representative of the make up of this cosmopolitan city and have given their time to help in a variety of ways:
  • Preparing for, setting up, serving, entertaining, cleaning up, etc., at family dinners at B.C. Children’s Hospital.
  • Raising funds and donations for supplies for the kids at MacDonald School.
  • Providing support for the teachers at MacDonald School whether for Family Literacy programs and/or special events.
  • Interviewing homeless people regarding their story and their needs and making others aware so that at Christmas every person receives at least one meaningful and needed gift.
Recently about 20 volunteers were involved in collecting and delivering more than 700 pounds of non-perishable food items to the Richmond and Surrey Food Banks.  We are planning to continue these efforts and as we grow we are hoping to find other ways to serve.

For more information about these efforts and how you can help or participate, please contact Brian Felushko at

Brian Felushko